Meet Our Owner

    Renee Duarte Kwiecinski


Since 2005, Music Infusion has served Individuals & Organizations across the entire contiguous USA.  Thank you for your interest in our story!


Although there are benefits from learning music at any age, starting your child out early is a HUGE PLUS! (See the "PROVEN FACTS" and Video at the bottom of our Home page for more information.)

My parents blessed me with various musical instruments and lessons throughout my early years. For example, I started piano lessons when I was only 5 years old, which is a GREAT age to start learning!


Our home had a nice space where I practiced my lessons, played along with the latest songs on the radio - and, as most kids do, I would often "pretend" I was doing a concert - singing and playing in front of an imaginary audience.

As time went on, all the practicing paid off as I started performing publicly at school assemblies, music and theater productions, graduation ceremonies, churches, conference centers, third-world outreaches, and on International tours.

As I think back, I can't imagine what my life would have been like without music.


Music opened up many opportunities for me, not only for creative expression - but to be able to grow in the social graces. Singing and playing an instrument in public settings helped me to overcome shyness and gave me the confidence to interact with all kinds of people, from the very poor and needy - to Government dignitaries.

Music was more than just something "fun" to do - it helped to shape my life in many positive ways.


At MUSIC INFUSION, we are not just here to sell you instruments, instructional materials, sound equipment, and more. We are here to encourage you with music-related tools and inspiration through our "Tips & Resources" page.

The even GREATER PURPOSE in all of this, is to help you to see that singing &/or playing an instrument is a WONDERFUL way to grow as a person through the "life experiences" that music provides!


What's in a name? When a person says your name, it also carries with it a representation of who you are as a person.

It has always brought me great joy and fulfillment to be able to see and draw-out a person's potential and to encourage/inspire them forward in their giftings. That's part of who I am - and it also fits in beautifully with our company name, MUSIC INFUSION:

> To pour into,
> To instill principles or qualities,
> To inspire - as if to "breathe life" into a person, idea, or goal.

THIS is what it's about for me as I teach, perform, sell, and encourage - and it will continue to be the foundational thread for MUSIC INFUSION'S greater purpose.

Our Core Values

As you are probably well-aware, not all companies are ethical in the way they do business. It's important that you FEEL GOOD about the company you choose for a Music & Pro Audio Supplier for your school, church, business, or for you personally. We are confident that MUSIC INFUSION is the RIGHT choice for representing these CORE VALUES:


Sadly to say, the lack of honesty seems to be more and more common place in today's society. This breakdown of trust can ruin relationships, business associations, and reputations. But, to find a genuinely honest person or company is truly refreshing!

When you do business with MUSIC INFUSION, you will find HONESTY.


When a company has integrity, that means they are people of their word - who have HIGH ethical standards. Know this: We'll ask just the right questions to help you with your product quest, point you to the items that BEST suit your needs and budget - and we'll NEVER sell you anything you don't need!

When you do business with MUSIC INFUSION, you will find INTEGRITY.


Kindness should be more about caring for others vs. focusing on ourselves. To ignore the thoughts and feelings of others - sadly forces kindness into the background. Kindness should always be a priority in a company's interactions with others. 

When you do business with MUSIC INFUSION, you will find KINDNESS.​

THANK YOU for visiting MUSIC INFUSION and getting to know me and our company a little better!

I look forward to serving you soon!
Renée Duarte Kwiecinski