BRASS & WOODWIND A-05: John Packer JP041 Alto Saxophone (Gold Lacquer) Combo Pack (Item #101569)

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MUSIC INFUSION chose JOHN PACKER (JP Musical Instruments) over ALL other Brass and Woodwind Instruments – & HERE'S WHY: 

  • We are extremely satisfied with the company’s professionalism, integrity, and over 40 years of musical expertise.
  • Their quality and value are evident, as each model has been carefully developed by John Packer himself, ensuring only the BEST instruments bear his name.
  • They offer a WIDE range of instruments for personal, group, and marching band performance.
  • Popular with professional and amateur musicians alike, JOHN PACKER (JP Musical Instruments) has become a global brand - recognized in 45 countries.

The John Packer JP041 Eb Alto Saxophone is ideal for beginners or for those wanting to source their own instrument at an affordable price.


There are many features on the JP041 that are present on more professional models, a fully ribbed construction and double spine on B & C keys provides additional strength.

An underslung octave mechanism also improves instrument reliability. The instrument also features High F# and Front F keys and a floating plate design for the little finger (left hand) cluster, this aids faster movement once players have become proficient.

An adjustable thumb rest allows a more natural and comfortable hand position to be achieved. A strap ring also provides the opportunity to make the instrument even lighter when used with a strap.


The JP041 includes a pocketed case which can facilitate either a shoulder strap or backpack straps for ease of transportation. Also included is a JP mouthpiece, cap, ligature, instrument strap, and reed.

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> Material: Brass
> Keywork: Gold Lacquer
> Mechanism: Full Keywork
> Finish: Lacquer
> Mouthpiece: JP
> Lyre Box: Yes
> Instrument Weight: 5lb 9oz
> Weight with Case: 10lb 10oz


"The name Packer on any instrument, means excellence in construction. As with this instrument. This was played by a skilled friend. He could not believe that it could be improved, even with a dearer mouthpiece. When I - an amateur tried, everything just fell into place. It is the "friendliest" Sax I have ever played." (Verified Customer.)


All JP Instruments are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Please note this does not cover aesthetic or finish faults. For full terms & conditions visit the JP Musical Instruments website at

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