• BRASS & WOODWIND AC-09: Hercules TravLite Trombone Stand (Item #DS420B)

    $83.99 $59.99

    The HERCULES TravLite Trombone Stand DS420B folds easily and compactly and stores inside the bell of the instrument; velvet pads protect the instrument.


    > The Lightweight Design is easy to set up and provides a strong, stable base for the instrument.
    > The Compact In-Bell Design allows stand to store safely in the bell of the instrument taking no space in the instrument case.
    > The Velvet Base Design protects the finish of the instrument.


    > Height: 34.2"
    > Weight: 2.71 lbs.
    > Load Capacity: 11 lbs.
    > Folded Size: 5" x 4.8" x 21.5"

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