• DRUMS A-02: Rhythm Tech Cajon with Enhanced Bass Port (Item #RT5751EB-U)

    $390.99 $279.99


    Built for players who prioritize sound in selecting a cajon, the Rhythm Tech Cajon with Enhanced Bass Port is designed to improve the playing and listening experience.

    The big bass tone on this cajon is thanks to the integrated bass port. Tuned specifically for cajon, this enhancement delivers added low-end tones and volume. 

    The strong attack in the Rhythm Tech Cajon comes from the fully-adjustable 2-piece snare design. Fine-tune it to your preference for that tone you have been looking for. 

    You will also enjoy the high-quality build of the Rhythm Tech Cajon. You will notice its finely crafted edges and the added comfort that delivers while playing. Rhythm Tech capped off this cajon with the addition of a gorgeous ebony faceplate.

    Dimensions: 19.015" x 12.007" x 12.007"

    VIEW VIDEO DEMO. (Listen with headphones for the most authentic sound.)


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