DRUMS A-12: TreeWorks Ultimate Chimes Bundle (Item #TRE245152)

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We searched high & low for the BEST SOUNDING CHIMES at the massive annual NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants) - and TreeWorks Chimes were FAR SUPERIOR than any other brand of chimes out there! Add another incredible dimension to your sound with the Ultimate Chimes Bundle, and you will have invested in the BEST instrument of its kind that will serve you for years to come!


  • TreeWorks TRE24 Multi-Tree Classic Chimes (with Triangle, Finger Cymbal, and Beater)
  • TreeWorks TRE51 Hard-Sided Gigbag
  • TreeWorks TRE52 Chime Mounting Bracket

VIEW VIDEO DEMO. (Listen with earphones for the most authentic sound.)


TreeWorks TRE24 Multi-Tree Classic Chimes

The TRE24 is TreeWorks' most popular Multi-Tree chime! Features include: 24 bars in a single row, a 4" recording carbon steel triangle, sand cast bronze finger cymbal, and an 8" professional triangle beater with rubber grip.

The metal chime bars are made of TreeWorks' exclusive Aluminum/Titanium alloy, comprised of 11 different metals melted together. They are heat treated for 8 hours to create a crystal clear tone, then the bars are polished to a brilliant finish.

The unique chromatic-like tuning has been described as ethereal and shimmering. It blends beautifully in all musical settings. The distinctive sound is what made TreeWorks Chimes famous worldwide!

The mantle (TreeWorks' name for the wooden frame), is crafted from solid Tennessee hardwood. The deep color is brought out with a hand-rubbed oil finish that is high-end, yet understated. Each chime bar is individually hand-tied to the mantle - one-bar-at-a-time. (NO PLASTIC TIES and NO STAPLES are used.) The braided CordLoc(TM) employed can hold up to 50-pounds (think miniature rappelling rope). To say TreeWorks' chimes are durable is an understatement.

TreeWorks TRE51 Hard-Sided Gigbag

If you're going to invest in the best chimes, take care of them with the best transport system! The TRE51 Hard-Sided Gigbag has a thick 1/2 inch foam on both sides plus the added protection of hard ABS plastic. There is a giant #10 zipper on three sides. Inside, there are two straps that secure the chime by the mantle, allowing the chimes to hang naturally when the case is carried by the molded handle. Inside usable space, 25 1/2" x 9 1/2".

TreeWorks TRE52 Chime Mounting Bracket

Make mounting your chimes easy with the TRE52 bracket. This quality chime mounting bracket can clamp onto most any microphone stand or drumset hardware/cymbal stand.

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