DRUMS & PERCUSSION AC-12: Hercules Orchestra Tripod Stand, Perforated Desk with Bag (Item #BS418B-BSB001)

$159.98 $118.99

For Professionals & Students alike, this is our FAVORITE Full-Size Symphony Stand Combo Pack because of its many outstanding features - including how compact and easy it is to transport from place to place within the comfortable, protective carrying bag! 

The HERCULES Three-Section Music Stand BS418B features the patented EZ-Clutch Adjustment Grip, a perforated folding desk, a foldable tripod base and wire page retainers. 


> Perforated Aluminum Folding Desk has page retainers and side locking pins. 
> Perforations help the stand resist outdoor windy situations.
> The EZ Angle Roller with special frictioning rubber holds the desk at the desired angle.
> The EZ Clutch easily adjusts and securely locks to desired height.


> Height: 24" - 45.3"
> Desk Size: 18.9" x 13.6"
> Weight: 6.9 lbs.
> Load Capacity: 11 lbs.
> Folded Size: 26.7" x 5.1” x 8.5"

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