GUITAR A-20: Cort "Easy-Play" 7/8th-Size Dreadnought Style Acoustic Guitar (Item #EARTH50OP-U)

$399.99 $279.99

Cort asked guitarists what their biggest learning obstacles were. Answers ranged from learning difficult hand mechanics - to painful fingertips - to overall instrument size, weight, and cost. Cort took these problems to their design team and challenged them to find a total-guitar solution. RESULT: Cort "Easy-Play" Guitars!

DEMO VIDEO. (Listen with Headphones for the most authentic sound.)


Cort shortened the scale length on their Easy-Play guitars to lessen the tension on the strings. Then they swapped out the strings for lighter weight ones, and developed a custom action setup to get the strings closer to the frets. This combination of enhancements makes the strings easier to press down when making notes and chords and takes the pressure off of your hard-working fingertips so you can keep learning with less pain.


Chords are the building blocks of music, and playing things correctly with the right fingering from the very beginning will set you up with a strong foundation. Cort shortened the scale length on their Easy-Play guitars from a traditional 25.5" scale length to 24.75". This minimal change makes all the difference for your hands. It reduces the distance between each fret just enough to help you better reach and master every chord from an A major to that dreaded F major barre chord.


Cort Easy-Play guitars are all about comfort. They made the body shape and depth smaller than a typical acoustic, which makes it easier to hold. They also designed the neck profile for maximum comfort. But it's not just about how it feels when you hold it.


A SOLID SPRUCE TOP is featured on this "Easy-Play" Earth50 7/8-Size Dreadnought model.

The OPEN PORE FINISH not only enhances the resonance of the woods, but it also reduces the weight of the guitar for improved playability.

The SCOOPED BRIDGE enhances sustain with greater string angle from the saddle to the body, while reducing tension on the strings across the neck - resulting in less finger fatigue and improved playability.


  • BODY: 7/8-Size Dreadnought
  • TOP: Solid Spruce
  • BACK & SIDES: Mahogany
  • NECK: Mahogany
  • SCALE: 24.75"
  • TUNERS: Diecast
  • ROSETTE: Brown etched
  • STRINGS: Light gauge coated strings
  • NUT WIDTH: 43mm
  • BRACING: Advanced X-Bracing
  • FINISH: Open pore finish


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