GUITAR AC-01: "Owner's Choice" - Cool Ultra Cool SR Series Cellulon Bi-Matrix Guitar Picks (0.80 Medium Gauge) 6-Pack (Item #CUCSR-PAK)


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As Music Infusion Owner, I can enthusiastically say: “The Cool Ultra Cool SR Series Cellulon Bi-Matrix Guitar Picks are THE BEST picks I have ever used! The grip is secure, it’s super smooth moving on & off the strings, and the sound is amazing!” 

Cool Music brings you the perfect blend of form and function in the ULTRA COOL SR SERIES GUITAR PICKS. Made from a patented new space-age composite called CELLULON BI-MATRIX, this material offers the buttery feel of a nylon pick with a super crisp attack exceeding that of celluloid. Crisp, Clean & True to your guitar’s own tone. Harmonically resonant micro-fiber technology is the key.

In addition to this ULTRA-COOL SR-SERIES PICK feeling and sounding great, Cool Music has used their patented AGT (“Applied Grip Technology) to help keep the pick in your hand comfortably. 

THE SECRET: This pick’s finger area (on both sides) has a micro-porous slightly nubby texture that has a patented heat-sensitive rubberized compound that allows the CoolCell™ pick to successfully morph from a very smooth slightly nubby surface (cool environments) to a very grippy softer and stickier grip (hot or wet environments), giving the guitarist the proper grip at all times without compromising the overall sound of the pick.


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