GUITAR IN-02: ChordBuddy Home School Guitar Learning System for Classical Guitar (Item #CBHSGLS-C)

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ChordBuddy "Home School" Guitar Learning System for Classical Guitar

The original ChordBuddy device was first seen on SHARK TANK back in 2012 - and quickly became a HUGE SUCCESS! 

MUSIC INFUSION agrees that it's one of the BEST Guitar Learning Systems around! So, we recently put together a custom pack that is especially suited for HOME SCHOOLERS and their teachers. Neither the student or the teacher need any previous experience playing the guitar! It's EASY and it's FUN!

Play Chords Immediately - Instant Gratification - Helps Students Stick with the Process

The ChordBuddy's patented device is a four-button, color-coded guitar learning system that attaches to your classical guitar. By pressing one of the four buttons, the student can immediately play a C-Major, D-Major, E-Minor, or G-Major chord! This gives the student an instantaneous gratification that THEY CAN DO THIS - which means they are less likely to give up on the learning process!

The student can now easily focus on learning various strumming techniques with their right hand, while building strength in their left hand to be able to hold down the strings.

One-by-one, each of the four colored buttons can be removed so that they can progress to playing chords on the actual strings.

Will the ChordBuddy Device Work On My Guitar?

The ChordBuddy device in this pack should work with full-size right-handed classical guitars. To be sure before you buy, measure across the neck of the guitar at the nut (the white bar between the frets and the tuning pegs). If the neck is wider than 1 7/8”, you probably have a CLASSICAL guitar. (It has a mixture of both nylon & steel-wound strings.)

If the neck of the guitar is narrower than 1 7/8″, it is probably not a classical guitar, and you would need to order our ChordBuddy Home School Guitar Learning System for ACOUSTIC or ELECTRIC Guitar found HERE.

What's Included:

> ChordBuddy Device
> Teacher's Book
> Student's Book

ChordBuddy is Proudly Made in the USA!

Music Infusion HIGHLY Recommends the ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System!

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