GUITAR IN-10: Essential Elements for Guitar, Book 2 - Book and Online Audio (Item #HL-865010)


The Essential Elements for Guitar Method has been designed to meet the National Standards for Music Education, with features such as cross-curricular activities, quizzes, multicultural songs, basic improvisation and more. 

Essential Elements for Guitar, Book 2 is a continuation of the concepts and skills taught in Book 1 and includes all of its popular features as well – great songs in a variety of styles, high-quality online audio with demonstration and backing tracks, quizzes, music history, music theory, and much more.

Concepts taught in Book 2 include: Playing melodically in positions up the neck, playing movable chord shapes up the neck, playing scales and extended chords in different keys, more right-hand studies – fingerpicking and pick style, improvisation in positions up the neck, studying different styles through great song selections, and more!

With the time-tested classroom teaching methods of Will Schmid and Bob Morris, popular songs in a variety of styles, and quality demonstration and backing tracks on the accompanying audio that is available for download or streaming online, Essential Elements for Guitar is sure to get beginning guitar students off to a great start!

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