KEYBOARD AC-02: Quik Lok Double-X Style Keyboard Stand (Item #T-20BK-U)

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We HIGHLY recommend an adjustable-height keyboard stand to properly play the keyboard!

The Quik Lok T-20BK is the BEST Double-X Style Keyboard Stand because it features the MOST flexibility in height adjustments - from the lowest low to the highest high! PERFECT for sitting down to practice AND standing up to perform! Super EASY to adjust, too!

Quik Lok T-20BK Keyboard Stand Features

The T-20BK features the "Dino-Bite" locking system that insures tight, non-slip height adjustments. The "Dino-Bite" system uses 2 steel disks with interlocking teeth that are tightened together. Adjustments are made easily by simply loosening the center knob, adjusting the stand to desired height position and then re-tightening the knob. 

All T-20BK stands are solidly constructed with high-grade steel and computer-welded joints for consistent high-quality and years of reliability. 

Load capacity: 180 lbs.

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