KEYBOARD AC-07: On-Stage KDA7061B Dust Cover for 61 to 76-Key Keyboards - Black (Item #13467)

$36.99 $22.95

We HIGHLY recommend an On-Stage Keyboard Dust Cover to protect your keyboard.

Keep your keys free of harmful dust and debris with this dust cover. Dust free spandex material stretches to fit 61 and 76-key keyboards. Comes complete with a built-in bag, plastic cord and locking clasp.


> Stretches to provide a snug fit for a wide range of keyboards with 61 to 76 keys.

> Built-in bag with cinch-cord closure and cord lock for compact storage and transportation.

> Lint-free, weather-resistant spandex protects the keyboard from dust, debris, and moisture.

> Cinch cord with cord lock tightens the cover to securely hold it on the keyboard.

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