• KEYBOARD-PIANO AC-12: Peavey KB Series KB2 Multi-Purpose Portable 50 Watt Amplifier (Item #143707)

    $449.99 $299.99

    This is an amazing amp that, in our opinion, gives you the most "bang-for-your-buck"! Originally created as a "keyboard" amp, the KB Series is NOW listed in Peavey's latest catalog as a true "Multi-Purpose Portable Amplifier" - and here's why:

    The Peavey KB® Series Amps now give musicians the versatility to utilize a vocal mic, as well as a wide range of other electronic sources, such as: electronic drums/drum machine, guitar, keyboard, backing machines, and so many other possibilities! 

    The Peavey KB2 has the power and reliability you need - with a feature set that brings everything together in one convenient package. It's like a complete portable sound system that allows you to connect 2 instruments and a mic - each on their own channels with independent EQ for each channel. 

    The KB2 can be used for personal rehearsal or live performances in a smaller venue setting. Or, use it as your own personal monitor for larger venue live performances. Just plug in your own instruments/mic, set your volume/EQ levels for near-field listening – then run an XLR Line Out to the house main PA system covering that venue. 

    You can even receive a monitor feed from the house system so you can hear other vocalists-instrumentalists in your group!

    It’s an amazing, versatile amp! So, go ahead - plug in - and HAVE FUN! 


      > 4 separate channels

      > Channels 1 & 2 have 1/4" inputs

      > Channel 3 features XLR and 1/4" inputs

      > Channel 4 features 1/4" monitor input with level control

      > Channels 1 & 2 have 2 band EQ

      > Channel 3 has 3 band EQ

      > Headphone out

      > Monitor In

      > 10 inch coax speaker

      > FX send/return

      > Balanced XLR main out

      > Biamped 45 watts and 12 watts

      > Weight Unpacked: 34.00 lb

      > Dimensions Packed: 22.12"H x 21.12"W x 16.62"D

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