MICROPHONE AC-05: On-Stage MS8301 Upper Rocker-Lug Microphone Stand with Tripod Base (Item #12572)

$75.99 $46.95

The On-Stage MS8301 offers a new choice in straight stands - the "Rocker-Lug"! This patented design allows the upper mic shaft to tilt up to 40 degrees off of vertical, so there is no need for a boom arm in many applications. Plus, the Rocker slides down effortlessly into the clutch for straight stand applications and for compact storage/transport. The folding tripod base sports 3 rubber feet for stability and noise reduction. The MS8301 is the new standard in tripod straight and boom stands!



  • The On-Stage Rocker-Lug eliminates the need for an added boom arm & keeps your setup compact when space is tight
  • Rocker-Lug tilts the upper shaft 40 degrees off of the vertical. No boom arm needed!
  • Features a steel-reinforced plastic leg housing which offers less weight and exceptional strength
  • Oversized zinc die-cast clutch adjusts the height from 39"-63"
  • Entire upper shaft slides down inside the lower shaft for storage/transport


  • Height: 39"-63"
  • Upper Shaft Tilt Range: 40 degrees
  • Base Spread: 23"
  • Threading: 5/8"-27"
  • Color: Black

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