PIANO INSTRUCTION: Learn and Master Piano Book-CDs-DVDs (Item #HL-00321127)


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One of the BEST comprehensive home-learning systems around! No prior musical knowledge required! Beginner through intermediate/advanced levels of various styles.

Learn & Master Piano covers everything from the very basics through the most advanced techniques. Here is just a sampling of the things you will learn:

Layout of the Keyboard 
Good Practice Habits 
Playing Chords & Melodies in the 1st 2 Sessions 
Major & Minor Chords 
Reading Music & Chord Charts 
Major, Minor, Pentatonic & Blues Scales 
Tips to Piano Accompanying 
Learning Chords by Numbers & Chord Shapes 
Learning Chord Progressions & Melodies by Ear 
Chord Inversions 
Reading Rhythms & Syncopation 
Keys & Key Signatures 
Playing on the Black Keys 
Reading Sharps & Flats 
Connecting Chords in Chord Progressions 
Left Hand Accompaniment 
Alternate Bass Chords 
Chord Cadences 
Learn Various Styles of Piano Playing 
Melodic Phrasing & Flow 
Seventh Chords 
Creative Chord Voicings 
Vital Musical Concepts 
Tips of the Pros 
Harmonizing a Melody with Chords 
Advanced Chords 
Walking Bass Lines 

A Note to Intermediate Piano Players:

Even if you've had a few lessons or picked things up from other sources & you feel you know the basics, but want to move on - Learn & Master Piano is your answer!  Here are just some of the things you will also learn:

Develop your ear to hear melodies & chord progressions & how to find them on the keyboard. 
Incorporate simple chord substitution tricks to transform a basic chord progression into something memorable. 
Discover chord voicings the pros use to create the sounds you hear on the radio every day. 
Build creative & melodic chord progressions by connecting & embellishing chords efficiently. 
Learn the licks and stylistic techniques to transform melodies to fit a wide variety of styles. 
Learn how to beautifully accompany a singer by creating a musically interesting part that really complements the lyrics. 
Gain a solid foundation of basic to advanced chord construction & improvisation. 
Play different styles of music, including rock, blues, jazz, country, ragtime, and boogie-woogie. 

The biggest advantage to using Learn & Master Piano is that everything you need to know is laid out in one course.  There's no need to search for all kinds of different materials while trying to piece together a training program.  The concepts in Learn & Master Piano build upon each other in a logical, step-by-step format so that you never feel lost.  ENJOY!

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