UKULELE ACCESSORIES COMBO PACK 3: Tuner, Strap, Care Kit, Capo, and Strings (Item #UKE-AC-PAK3)

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Our Ukulele Accessories Combo Pack 2 is a Great Way to Get the Most Common Accessories in One Convenient Pack! 


> KALA Klipz KK-RD Clip-On Tuner in Red.

       Kala Klipz Tuners are precise quality tuners that get you in tune and help you stay there. 

       Works with ukulele, guitar, mandolin, bass, violin and more.

       Includes one CR2032 battery.

> KALA K-CSTP-RD Nylon Classical Ukulele Strap with Red Collar.

       No strap button? No problem! 

       Step 1. Loop the large portion over your head.

       Step 2. Loop the clip under your uke.

       Step 3. Latch the clip to the bottom of the soundhole.

       Step 4. Adjust the straps to the most comfortable length.

       Step 5. Smile and strum!

> KALA KPC-SMLKIT Ukulele Care/Polishing Kit


            > Ukulele Polish. (For Gloss-Finished Ukuleles ONLY.)

            > Fingerboard Dressing.

            > Application Pads.

            > Polishing Cloth. 

> KALA K-CAPO-RD Ukulele Capo in Red.

       Having a capo handy will make it easy to play in various keys utilizing basic chord configurations.

> AQUILA AQ-SNG Super Nylgut® Ukulele Strings.

       One of the reasons KALA Ukuleles sound so good!


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