DRUM STICK BAG COMBO PACK 2: Vic Firth Essentials Stick Bag with Sticks, Brushes, Mallets, and Drum Key (Item #DSBCP2)

$197.50 $115.95

Our Drum Stick Bag Combo Pack 2 has all the BEST Elements for the Well-Rounded Drummer!

The cleverly designed Vic Firth Essentials Stick Bag features a hook-and-strap system for secure suspension from the floor tom or snare. The straps fit neatly into the bag when not in use. Crafted in durable‚ water resistant red nylon. 


> 1 Vic Firth Essentials Stick Bag in the very popular red color.
> 1 Pair of the Vic Firth American Classic 5AN Sticks made with durable nylon tips.
> 1 Pair of the lighter-touch Vic Firth American Classic 8AN Sticks made with durable nylon tips. 
> 1 Vic Firth High-Tension Drum Key for faster, easier tuning. (It has a carabiner clip for easy access.)
> 1 Pair of the best-selling Vic Firth Split Brushes. (View Demo Video HERE.)
> 1 Pair of the very expressive Vic Firth 2T Cartwheel Mallets for the most AMAZING cymbal swells!
(TIP: We recommend never handling mallets by the felt pads, since the oil on your hands will damage the felt. Keep the mallets in the their plastic pouch when storing them in your stick bag for added protection.)

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