VIOLIN COMBO PACK 7: Core A14 Academy Series Student Violin Outfit (Item #CORE-A14-OUTADJ)

$600.00 $299.95

Howard Core Fine Instrument Brands (Core Economy Series, Core Academy Series, Core Conservatory, Core Symphony, Core Dragon, Johannes Köhr, August F. Köhr, and more) have surpassed ALL our expectations!

You can have confidence knowing their instrument QUALITY ASSURANCE PROCESS is done by TRAINED technicians and violinists, who run a COMPLETE 30-POINT INSPECTION, including actually PLAYING each instrument before they are shipped!

Unlike many other brands, THIS company takes CARE to house ALL their instruments in temperature/humidity-controlled environments, which is ESSENTIAL to maintaining the quality and integrity of each instrument!

The Academy Series Violins are hand-made with aged wood, extremely well-constructed, then Professionally Adjusted before shipping.

(VIEW DEMO with earphones, if possible, to appreciate the tonal characteristics of the Core A14 Violin.)

This better student quality violin features lightly flamed maple back and sides, spruce top, inlaid purfling, and ebony fingerboard, nut & saddle. Includes ebony pegs and endbutton, French bridge, Glasser tailpiece with integrated tuners, side mount chinrest, and D'Addario Prelude strings.

Outfit includes the Core CC397 Case (suspension case with Cordura screw-attached cover, latch flap, music pocket, plush-lined interior with accessory pockets, 2 Hill-style bowholders, instrument blanket and shoulder strap, zipper closure), 1076VN bow, microfiber polishing cloth, and rosin.


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