VIOLIN FEATURED ACCESSORY 2: Stretto® Humidifier - Hygrometer Combo Pack for Violin Cases (Item #S1020)

$73.50 $44.95

After you practice and perform, Music Infusion HIGHLY recommends that you put your violin immediately back into a case that is properly humidified. A properly humidified case will help to safeguard your violin, bow, and even your rosin from becoming excessively dry and potentially damaged from heated/air-conditioned rooms and parts of the country that have dry climates.

We chose the Stretto® Humidifier and Hygrometer System from Switzerland above ALL other brands. In our opinion, they are the BEST for humidifying your instrument case! 


> Stretto® S1010 Humidification Case with 2 Humidification Bags.
> Stretto® S1060 Digital Hygrometer.

TIP: Always keep your violin case CLOSED except when removing or replacing your instrument.

The humidifying bags are easy to set-up and will last approximately 3 weeks without any maintenance. When it’s time to rehydrate the bag, simply re-soak in distilled water for best results.


We recommend ALWAYS having on hand EXTRA Humidification Bags. BUY HERE.

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