• UKULELE AC-12: Neotech Simple Sling™ Ukulele Strap (Item #8001912)

    $12.75 $11.50

    Why go through the hassle and expense of having a strap pin installed on your ukulele! We’ve got a simple, inexpensive solution: The Neotech Simple Sling™ features a custom felt-lined hook with rounded edges to protect your instrument’s finish.

    The Simple Sling™ can be adjusted to fit in the playing position that’s just right for you. It can be adjusted horizontally or vertically on the body. Its cross-chest design gives added stability when standing or sitting. The smooth herringbone weave 3/4” nylon webbing easily adjusts and doesn’t cause abrasion to your shirt or jacket.


    • Ideal sling for ukuleles.
    • Cross-chest design is ideal for both men and women.
    • Multiple points of adjustment for a great fit.
    • Nonmarring felt-lined hook.
    • Made in the USA!


    First, slide the tri-glide buckle nearest the hook to create the correct length to support the instrument. Then, adjust the second tri-glide buckle to create your preferred playing position of the instrument against your body. It’s as easy as that!

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