• AUDIO A-07: BOSE® F1® Model 812 Flexible Array Powered Loudspeaker (Item #219769)


    BOSE® Professional Portable PA systems use proprietary technologies to provide best-in-class sound coverage and portability for nearly any performer or application. Their unique designs feature higher vocal projection and clarity, stronger output levels over distance, and consistent coverage and tonal balance throughout the venue.

    Powerful, standalone sound that flexes to meet your coverage needs — the Bose F1 Model 812 is a 1000-watt, full-range loudspeaker featuring Bose Flexible Array technology. At the heart of the F1 is a 12-inch woofer nested behind an array of eight high-output drivers. These nine speakers are supported by a lower crossover point than conventional loudspeakers — to give full voice to your sound and deliver clearer, more natural vocals and mid-range clarity, even at high volumes. And you control the vertical coverage pattern. So, wherever you’re playing, you can adapt the PA to match the room. With the Bose F1 Model 812, your sound stands alone.



      "All of us were impressed with the coverage. Minimal EQ. I had to work a lot harder on other systems to get the same result. The subs had big sound, tight, focused. That's remarkable!" (Patrick Murray, Front of House Engineer for Miles Davis - Santana)

      "Really smooth right out of the box! The low end was substantial. There's nothing else portable out there that gives the sound reinforcement like these!" (Tony Lentini, Front of House Engineer for Skid Row)


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