DRUMS A-05: KAT KT-100 Electronic Drum Set (Item #HL-00362409)


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The KAT KT-100 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set is a Great First Step for Any Drummer!

The KT-100 comes standard with one two-zone snare and three single-zone toms that feature high quality pads, and support fundamental acoustic playing technique with a perfect response. The snare's 8″ surface is big enough that it won't make you feel like you're playing on a cocktail kit. The cymbals include a hi-hat, a crash and ride, all of which are single zone and come standard with choke.

The kick tower (yes, a kick tower, not a kick trigger) is a feature not often found on entry level kits, and gives the player a much more realistic playing experience. As an added bonus, KAT Percussion includes the kick pedal!

The rack has a quality build and extra bracing that allows even the heaviest of hitters to feel confident that it will stand up to the beating. The hardware is finished out with a hi-hat control pedal.

The drum module or brain offers drum sampling that covers most music styles such as rock, blues, jazz, metal, electronic and more, and features 20 factory kits and 10 user kits. Moreover, its user-friendly coach and recording function helps you keep track of all your progress and helps improve your skills step by step. It's simple and easy to use while delivering powerful functions like metronome, rhythm, volume as well as the reverb effect adjustment. You can even use the recording function to capture ideas or innovative beats at any time.

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