• VIOLIN AC-03: Korg Dolcetto-V Clip-On Tuner and Metronome (Item #KORG-AW3V)


    Always on the cutting edge with their innovative products, Korg has impressed us with their consistent quality over the years.

    The Dolcetto Series is based on the high accuracy and sensitivity that you expect from Korg tuners. The Dolcetto-V uses a clip that firmly attaches to the peg box of a violin or viola so you can conveniently utilize its fantastic tuning and metronome capabilities! 

    Dedicated Mode for Violin/Viola 

    The tuning meter is located directly in the field of vision for a violin or viola player, allowing convenient performance with the unit attached to the instrument. In addition to the conventional chromatic mode, violin mode and viola mode are also provided. In each mode, the string number is also shown beside the note name, ensuring confident and intuitive tuning. In this case, the display will also indicate PURE 5TH, and the temperament will have pure fifths.

    Metronome Function

    For even more ideal instrumental practice, the Dolcetto series provides a metronome function in addition to its tuner function. In spite of its small size, the functionality includes muting/unmuting and an adjustable time signature, so you'll have everything that you need for rhythm training. The metronome cannot be used simultaneously with the tuner function.

    Enhanced Display Provides High Visibility

    The enhanced display, which features a new LCD meter with a high-brightness white backlight, dramatically improves visibility. The high contrast allows the meter display and text to be clearly distinguished and the wide viewing angle means that it's easy to see from any position, ensuring smooth tuning in any environment; even on a dimly lit stage.

    Durability that will Stand the Test of Time

    Because a tuner is something that you use whenever you perform, durability is essential. The Dolcetto features a rugged design that will stand up to the inevitable impacts of performing and transportation. The battery replacement mechanism has also been improved for durability and smoothness.

    Easy to Use with Buttons on the Front

    Even though it’s an advanced tuner, the Dolcetto features a simple layout, with four buttons located on the front. This intuitive design lets you tune quicker than ever. Since it's used most frequently, the power button has a protrusion that makes it easy to distinguish.

    Calibration, Auto Power-Off, and Memory Backup Functions

    A variety of functions are available to support your tuning endeavors: the calibration function allows a variety of concert tunings, the Auto Power-Off function saves the battery if you forget to turn the unit off, and the Memory Backup function preserves your settings even when the power is off.


    > Tuner Scale: 12-note equal temperament (Chromatic), Pure fifth (Violin, Viola)
    > Tuner Range (sine wave): Chromatic: A0 (27.50 Hz) - C8 (4,186 Hz)
    > Tuner Precision: +/-1 cent
    > Tuner Reference Pitch: A4 = 410 – 480 Hz (1 Hz steps)
    > Metronome Tempo Range: A quarter note = 30 - 252 per a minute
    > Metronome Tempo Accuracy: ±0.1%
    > Metronome Beat Range: 0 - 5 beats, duplet, triplet
    > Dimensions: 2.20"W x 1.93"D x 2.72"H
    > Weight: 1.20 oz. (including battery)
    > Battery Life: Approximately 8 hours

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